The chemical reactor (OST-26 - 291-79) complete with the engine (V-160 M8) and the motor reducer (MR1-315-F10-26-100), capacity 6300 liters, brand of an alloy of HN65MV and HN65MVU; The heat exchanger rectangular - block, vertical, for hostile environment, model 3165-00; Vertical capacity for hostile environment and operation in the conditions of high temperatures and pressure VSTps3; Vertical capacity ST-15, glass enamel, capacity 600 liters for hostile environment; Centrifugal pump, one-stage, monoblock, 34 cubic m/hour, 2900 rpm, KMH65-40-200P; Vacuum pump, water ring, 3,3 CBM/min., 1400 rpm, VVN1-3; Centrifugal pump , one-stage, monoblock, 34 cubic m/min, 2900 rpm, K-80-50-200.
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