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Software Development and QA Client Support Technical IT Support


*Logistics (Logistics software for warehouses, transportation management, trucking etc.,In-store stock management, adjustment/reconciliation etc., GPS tracker software & integration with other systems),

*Market platforms (ERP software development,POS software,Web kiosks,

*Integrations (we provide integration with client’s software, like existing POS soft and kiosks, accounting etc),

*Telecommunications (Mobile payment transactions system,Voice over IP (VoIP) setting up and configuration,SMS Monitoring Solution),

*Financial (Custom payment gateway),

*Doc Flow (Web Based document flow application software)

*Healthcare (Label management workflow system,Web based brand management solutions).

*IT cooperation (Techops outsourcing,User support outsourcing,Database administration outsource,Development & QA outsource)

Check for more information on our website http://hitech-us.com/, or just contact us by phone +1 646.844.5712, website chat http://support.hitech-us.com/ or email - info@hitech-us.com

Адрес:910 Foulk Road, Suite 201, Wilmington, DE, USA, 19803
Телефон:+1 646.844.5712
Сайт продавца:https://hitech-us.com/
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Software Dev/Support

Цена: 100 AED

Software development services and support

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