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We have been working for 10 years, rising and developing from the well-known traditions in the field of construction, architecture, renovation. restoration, to the ultra-new requirements for the urban environment in General and each individual object of the object.  Our company is involved in the implementation of small and large projects . Time dictates us new principles and approaches to change, most characteristic of the metropolis.

Renewal is a completely natural process, usually due to public demands for renovation, that is, the creation of a new comfortable living environment.

In some cases, the new living space needs a modern design according to the tastes of customers and designers, or it is necessary to carefully restore the historical premises (churches, museums, etc.).)

In this complex process, the masters of our company are competent and experienced in solving the problems of reconstruction, restoration and reconstruction of material and artistic values from the old house to the avant-garde style or high-tech.

Our experienced craftsmen have extensive experience in the reconstruction of houses, offices, restaurants , apartments and are experimenting and improving new styles and methods of interior decoration , which allows us to take a bold step forward to the secrets of the unique Venetian plaster, the composition of a variety of decorative coatings and artistic painting.


We are responsible not only for the success of the business, but also take care of the health of our customers - we use only environmentally friendly materials : paints, decorative coatings of the world's leading manufacturers.


We make samples of a decor on individual request of each client. If something doesn't match the original plan, we are ready to succeed, exactly what you want to see.


We value communication and mutual understanding with our customers. We will work with you throughout the process to ensure that you create a space that carries a special atmosphere, reflect your style, taste and eventually give you a good mood.


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