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Щепа древесная


Our company carries out complex processing of wood: from harvesting raw materials from sustainably managed forests, which is confirmed by a certificate of FSS (this allows you to produce an environmentally friendly product), to advanced processing (production of industrial chips, fuel from softwood and hardwood.)

Chip production is a priority activity. All the conditions have been created for this: modern, new, mobile shaving machines BRUKS based on SCANIA and VOLVO cars, tracked, front loaders TM CAT, highly skilled, experienced machine operators.

On the territory of SOOO "BTKVostok" a production site of 1.4 hectares with a concrete cover and a railway cargo platform with a capacity of 8 cars was built and put into operation, therefore, ready wood chips always remain clean, natural moisture, as well as all this contributes quickly and efficiently Shipment of finished products.

To date, our production capacity reached 20,000 m3 of finished chips per month, and this is not the limit of our capabilities!

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