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This a drop "God's Teardrop"


Dear all!
Here are some photos relating to this truly genious creature "God's Teardrop". This Drop was found by Shaman in the mountains of the Republic of Altai in June 2018. The Drop appears when Lightning strikes a Stone. Person searchin for this Drop is aware of the value of this truly magic creature. The Drop "God's Teardrop" cures many dieases and is truly devoted to its lord. In addition, it has its own intelligence and needs permanent care: the "God's Teardrop" consumes daily 10 ml of sugar syrup or jam with water. It needs to be washed in water. It loses shine without feeding and care and becomes pale. It is not used for helping people. Shamans say that this Drop "God's Teardrop" may belong to only one lord. The price reaches up to 45 million Euros in illegal market in Europe. 
For all questions concerning the drop "God's Teardrop", please contact: ira.agejchik@bk.ru



Страна происхождения: Россия
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